Welcome to Bento Battle!

Natsume is a novice when it comes to preparing food, but that doesn't stop her from being challenged to a bento battle. Will Natsume be able to learn enough to defend her honor or will her rival Masami take the spotlight? Lunch time is getting serious! Reads from left to right.

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Page 17


Late page is in the works

Sorry it's late but there is a new page coming, so I thought I would give a preview of there the page where it is at right now.

I might be able to finish it tomorrow but if not I can definitely get it done by Monday (may not post Monday) but by Sunday there will be a page for sure.

Brief Hiatus

I'm going on a brief hiatus with bento battle. Recently I've had a bit of issues with my wrist so I couldn't really draw any pages or update. The second I feel better I intend to post pages again. (I'm hoping a week away from drawing will be enough to heal up a bit) Sorry for the inconvenience. >///<;;;;


Sorry that I'm two weeks late but I do have a page to upload it's just not entirely finished I should be able to post it before today is over or by early tomorrow Sorry again.

News about this saturday's update

I'm not going to post an update on March 14th. I will post next Wednesday and Saturday, but due to unforeseen events I have lost the buffer and I need to get it back. So I will dedicate this week and weekend to getting it back so That I never have to not update again I apologize ahead of time and promise IT won't happen again if I can help it.

Many pages are coming

I am so sorry that there were 2 months where I did not update but I won't let that happen again I have a bunch of pages drawn and put in que to update.

Most are set up for update mostly on Wednesdays so I guess that is the main update day. However, should I get more pages drawn I'm going to push the currently pending updates closer together. I know it a slow start but I promise things will pick up and the story is worth the read. Gah That sounds so beggy and desperate.

Thank you everyone who added Bento Battle to your favorites and to anyone who reads.

Future Updates

Right now we are working on getting to a buffer of about a chapter ahead of the current place. Once we reach this goal, updates will be much more frequent and regular-- most likely 2 pages per week on Mondays with the possibility of 3 pages on some updates.

Double Update Today

I was a bit late in updating, so today gets a double update!

Soon we will be adding some character info pages. They are mostly some tidbits of information about the character, some rehashed some that won't be touched upon, and a fashion portrait to accompany each character. Some of the minor characters will be added later, but the major characters will be added first.


Welcome to Bento Battle!

This comic is a bit of a mix between an old and new project. It is our first collaboration and so feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated!!

The idea for the story is a few years old and was one of those ideas that hits at 2 a.m. during summer vacation. After a few rewrites and complete start overs, the final draft was started a few months ago.

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