Name Tachibana Natsume
Kanji 橘夏目
Meaning Mandarin orange, summer
Birthday June 22nd
Themes Summer, suns, citrus
Colors Pink and red
Favorite Food Mochi
Least Favorite Food Soufflé
Favorite Subject Chemistry
Least Favorite Subject Home economics
Natsume is a creative and imaginative person. Her confidence is currently very dependent on her success and has the tendency to snowball in either direction. She likes to joke around to make light of her shortcomings, although they really do bother her. She is a hard worker when she concentrates, but otherwise she has a tendency to daydream. She tends to prefer subjects with definitive answers because they are more comfortable.

Name Akiyama Hotaru
Kanji 秋山蛍
Meaning Autumn mountain, firefly
Birthday October 18th
Themes Autumn, leaves, fireflies
Colors Purple and red
Favorite Food Sekihan (a traditional rice dish)
Least Favorite Food Junk food
Favorite Subject Math
Least Favorite Subject None
Hotaru is a graceful and gentle person, notable for being both calm and wise for her age. She is somewhat naïve and lacks the ability to see the worst in people. She enjoys helping others even when it brings her a lot of stress. Although she tends to perform well under stress, she is a lot less confident in herself than she lets on and hopes to live up to the high expectations from herself and from others.

Name Himura Masami
Kanji 緋村成美
Meaning Scarlet village, become beautiful
Birthday August 14th
Themes Late summer, swans, turtles
Colors Red and orange
Favorite Food Ramen
Least Favorite Food Squash
Favorite Subject Physics and PE
Least Favorite Subject History
Masami is a fiery and ambitious girl with a competitive streak. She may seem a bit brash and unwelcoming because of it, but she values friendship and bold character as much as she values honest and worthy competition. She has a strong sense of right and wrong but she is generally accepting of most people because she believes in their better sides. She is a quick thinker, and spends little time dwelling.

Name Hayashi Haru
Kanji 林春
Meaning Forest, springtime
Birthday April 9th
Themes Spring, flowers
Colors Green and yellow
Favorite Food Oranges
Least Favorite Food Not applicable
Favorite Subject Biology
Least Favorite Subject Writing
Haru is a friendly and very outgoing guy with a naturally charming personality. He is kind to everyone that he meets and likes to bring out the best in others. He has a bright and spirited energy in everything that he does. At times he can be overbearing and have trouble sensing the mood. He is very trusting and unsuspecting of others.

Name Yukimura Osamu
Kanji 雪村理
Meaning Snowy village, logic
Birthday January 13th
Themes Winter, castles
Colors Blue and white
Favorite Food Miso soup
Least Favorite Food Spicy food
Favorite Subject Math
Least Favorite Subject Home economics
Osamu is on the quiet side, but he is a very motivated person. He is an achiever with very high expectations of himself and of others. He is an analytical person with a good sense of perception. At times he can be stubborn and he struggles with disappointment on the rare occurrences that it occurs. He is harsh and judgmental of those that do not meet his expectations.

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